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The Confidence Technique

Discover The 5-Steps To Revealing Your True Self

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3 Steps to Finding Your Purpose With Passion
Barbara Grace
Seasonal Transformations
Navigating the patterns in our lives - everything has its time
Barbara Grace

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Are You Tired Of Feeling You're Not Good Enough? Are You Needing More Confidence To Stand Up & Be Counted?

Are You Needing More Confidence To Stand Up & Be Counted?

Do you find yourself feeling envious of friends or colleagues who have bucket loads of confidence, get things done with a snap of their finger and always seem to be on top of their game?

Don't they always seem to get the best jobs, the biggest raises, find the most amazingly gorgeous partner and if they're in business attract new clients as if they have a magnet on their forehead all while seemingly living life with ease?

It hurts doesn't it?

Have you ever asked yourself: "What's so different about them?" Or, "Why isn't this happening for you?"

It's as if an invisible wall is blocking your way - if only you could knock it down for good and get what you really want and deserve.

If only.

Wouldn't it be sensational to wake up feeling so strong, so confident, so energised that you could take on any challenge and win?

I'm here to tell you that you can.

The Obedience Factor

Because up till now there have been invisible forces holding you back - while that 'wall' isn't really visible - it's there and it's been built by others who may have an invested interest in you staying the way you are. Please know, this isn't something you've built, it's just the way that most societies and communities since time started have operated - and there's a reason for this.

We live in a society who wants us to be 'obedient'. School reinforces this. Families encourage it. Cultures expect it.

Because when you're 'obedient' - the powers-that-be get to do what they want and you remain in their circle of influence.

Breaking free from the 'you must do this', 'you're expected to do that' control-thinking is paramount if things are to change.

Here's How You Can Shine With Confidence And Show Up As The Person You Know You Can Be

You see, there was a time in my life that I felt just like you.

They were ordinary times. I felt invisible. I had what I now call 'brain babble' running rampant and filling up my head with 'I'm a loser' stories that in hindsight were being reinforced - by me ... and by those I was closest to - or those I gave my personal power to - bosses, some 'friends' who were more manipulative than 'friend', family members who wanted me to be a shadow of their life choices.

I didn't (felt I couldn't) stand up for myself - in fact I retreated into a shell to avoid any confrontation.

And in the process I became a shadow of myself - and half the time I was frightened of that.

Things looked like they'd never change until one day when I discovered a better way.

My Marge Moment That Changed Everything

Let me share what happened with you.

I'd like to describe what happened as an epiphany - but it was way more pedestrian than that.

I used to watch The Simpsons with my son (please don't judge me!!!) and while I'd always seen my (now previous) husband as Homer Simpson, I suddenly saw Homer's blue-haired wife (Marge) doing something that I'd just done. I held my breath and goggle-eyed stared at the screen.

She put her head on the steering wheel of her car and vented. She raged. She said all the things that had been swimming below the surface for decades. Her anger bubbled up. Her resentment was palpable.

As I stared at Marge, I heard her say the same words that I did.

And once the venting was released Marge got out of the car and stomped (the way I wish I'd done).

She was alone with her frustration. And I felt every morsel of it.

I was mortified. I was frozen with the shock of seeing myself as a blue-haired wimp who was everyone else's dumping ground.

Now while I hadn't gone all 'blue rinse' I had most everything else.

I can tell you I was embarrassed. I didn't want to see this. I felt mortified.

But after the shock wore down - more than anything else - I was determined to change this!

I was no Marge. I wouldn't be Marge.

Crunch-time became now-time.

So out came the self-help books. Then I graduated to self-help courses. After that I got really serious and my education, knowledge and personal belief in myself started to build. It was like a warm fire was being lit inside me. I knew I could do this. I was doing this - no more 'gonna-do-this stories'.

Fast-forward a few years and things are way different now. I look back at the younger me and I'm both saddened and encouraged. Saddened that I stayed Marge-like for so long. Encouraged because I know there is a better way to live.

It's why I've dedicated my life to what I do now. And believe me when I say this: if any of this resonates with you - don't wait one second longer to make a decision to change.

My desire now is to distill all my years of education and life experience into do-able steps so as you don't have to go via the long-route to finding your personal power - through a 'Marge-Moment'.


To help you do this, I've put together a short easy-to-follow very do-able program for you to follow.

I call it 'The super-charged shortcut to regaining personal power' - or, also known as 'The Confidence Technique'.

It's a 5-step plan that I want to share with you.

  1. The Knock-Down Tools
  2. The Talent-Expansion Tactics
  3. Search & Orient Secrets
  4. Defining Your Artifact Map
  5. Meet Your Alter Ego

If you take the course, everything is explained in detail with step-by-step instructions on how to do and what to do along with practical activities to keep you focused, engaged and energised.

You can do this. It starts with saying 'yes' to yourself. It continues when you take small steps every day. It begins to flow when you see yourself as the amazing person you are.

Start today and get the confidence techniques that will springboard your growth.

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What Others Say:

I wasn't sure this would work for me, yet Barbara's steps helped me make the changes I was looking for.

I feel more confident - in the little things I do, but also with going for a job that I kept holding myself back from.

Highly recommend this course - so much value! Jay H.

The steps were so do-able. Feeling so much stronger in myself. Bruce A.

While it was a good thing to do for me - I think the real value is in me trusting myself more and doing the little things to get out of my head.

Helped me a lot. Angela S.


Your Instructor

Barbara Grace
Barbara Grace

Let's face it, life serves curve balls. And don't I know it. Over my life I've made some unwise decisions that led to learning how to meet my responsibilities - and at times that was a tough gig often leaving me isolated and joyless. If you've ever gone through life's curve balls (and realistically, who hasn't?) you know that there are really only two options:

  • Sink or Swim

For me, sinking wasn't an option, so it depended on how well I learnt to swim as to how I was going to come out the other side.

And along the way, as I moved from dog paddling to freestyle, there were four things I learnt:

  1. That love for others begins with yourself
  2. That it takes courage to start a journey not knowing where it might end
  3. That clearly expressing your needs builds respectful relationships
  4. That knowing what you want means taking responsibility and action

So for many years I studied all I could about human psychology (and continue to) because learning to be the best person I can is important to showing up and being 'real'. It took courage to back myself and stick to what I believed - often in the face of people who said I didn't have what it took, but now I know that I can, I choose to live in the light, not in the shadow.

I chose to step into the person I knew I could be.

I do this work so that others can too. It's my passion. It's my life mission.

Yet, while having passion is important, it's backed by a solid well-earned education that I've synthesised into a set of tools for change. The work I do is influenced by some of my studies.

Here are some:

  • MA (Professional Communication)
  • MEd (Leadership and Management)
  • Experiential & Creative Art Therapist
  • Relationship Consultant (Gottman Certified)
  • Graphic Designer
  • Registered Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapy Trainer (AHA)
  • NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer
  • Executive and Life Coach
IAC Masteries Practitioner

While I have spent a large part of my life studying and applying the skills I've learnt from across the world, it's the life lessons I learn along the way that made it all relevant. Without life's curve balls, all the learning in the world would just be 'bookish' and academic. And that isn't the best way to learn (I learnt this the hard way).

I want to share this knowledge with you in a way that is practical, affordable and realistic. The 'theory' side of things is naturally inbuilt throughout our creative process. What this means is that you'll be learning without realising that you're gaining a high level of awareness, knowledge and insight into human psychology. And it is these things that make the difference to living a life of substance.

Courses Included with Purchase

3 Steps to Finding Your Purpose With Passion
Barbara Grace
Seasonal Transformations
Navigating the patterns in our lives - everything has its time
Barbara Grace

Original Price: $194

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