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Creative Mindfulness - A Guided Journey Towards Personal Freedom & Independence

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Reclaim Your Personal Freedom With Creative Mindfulness Activities - Designed to be Easy, Fun & Relaxing - As Well As Offering You Insight Into Yourself.

You'll receive the first in a series of Creative Mindfulness activities. As you begin you'll notice you you may see yourself:

  • Re-connecting with your innate creativity (you don't need to be artistic - only willing to 'have a go')
  • Discovering a deeper sense of ‘knowing’ that helps you tap into what is important for you
  • Aligning with a part of you that yearns to live more wholeheartedly so you can show up more authentically in your life.

What Does Freedom & Independence Mean For You?

Within the daily mayhem of must-do and have-to, finding purpose in life often brings us to a nagging point where 'busyness' meets 'dullness' in the 'got-to' lives we lead.

At one time or another, you may have wondered what your purpose or passion in life is, yet most probably the real question you need to ask is: 'What excites me most so that I can't wait to bounce out of bed in the morning?', because when your head, heart and body are connected to what turns you on, you're inspired, excited and invigorated.

"How You Feel Inspires What You Do."

Life isn't about standing in queues, putting yourself last or dreaming of an imaginary life where you're loved for 'who you are' - it's about making a statement, standing up for yourself and being a guiding light for others. But how can you do this when old patterns feel so ingrained?

This is where getting creative can break through any blocks standing in your way because it naturally helps you tap into a subconscious sense of ease and peace - which allows you to enter a mindfulness state that can ground you, help you focus on what's important and most importantly of all show up in the way that you were always meant to.

Is Mindfulness Too Hard To Do?

Mindfulness is a powerful tool to help you become more centred, present-focused and resilient, yet so many still struggle with the discipline of quietening 'monkey mind' (or brain babble as I like to call it) and 'being mindful' in the moment - particularly when experiencing times of emotional disharmony.

Apart from those who join silence retreats and ashrams, most struggle to carve out ten minutes without being distracted - not necessarily by a phone call or a knock on the door - more from our mind reminding us of an endless to-do list that invokes a sense of guilt that causes us to switch focus and drift off into the land of 'I must, I should, I ought to'.

Cue: magnify guilt, minimise mindfulness.

Are These Key Ingredients Missing From Your Life?

If you've ever 'doodled' and let your mind go onto 'auto pilot', you've naturally placed your brain in a state that allows greater insight and connections.

At the School of Modern Psychology, we believe that creativity is the missing link in building connections between how we think, how we feel and how we behave.

While mindfulness is a tool for building stronger brains that allows for greater emotional resiliency, the unique joining of left and right brain thinking that's drawn together through Creative Mindfulness helps build stronger neural pathways which can lead to further insights into how to live more productively and passionately. This happens because we're engaging a thought-provoking question and exploring its possibilities in a safe environment that raises curiosity and possibility.

Creative Mindfulness invites you to take a meaningful journey into what it is that's important to you. It's about aligning your values with your actions and sensing at a deep level where discord or dissonance may be limiting you from living the most amazing life possible.

These key ingredients can help you create more meaning:

  • Finding the fun in how to spark your inner creative self
  • Sprinkling more colour and energy in how you do what you do
  • Listening to your inner voice guide you to your innate core values
  • Hearing yourself express your 'real thoughts and feelings' in a judgement-free zone
  • Seeing what your inner creative genie can produce when you trust yourself
  • Tapping into your bodily emotions so you can sense when things feel right

So, How Can Creative Mindfulness Make A Difference For You?

By bringing one bold brush stroke at a time - one full with colour, energy and movement so that you experience a renewed sense of vigour and connection to what brings meaning in your life.

In this e-course you’ll receive a creative activity which will guide you through the Creative Mindfulness process of self-discovery.

Through this you can feel what it's like to:

  • Re-connect with your innate creativity,
  • Discover a deeper sense of ‘knowing’, and
  • Identify with a part of you that yearns to live more wholeheartedly.

By relaxing into this discovery process you’ll be joining thousands of people worldwide who have taken the journey and enriched their lives.

You’re invited to explore this opportunity and re-discover your passions.

In The End, It's About How You Feel, That Inspires What You Do

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Thousands of people from around the world have joined this program. Here’s what some have said about the e-course ‘Creative Mindfulness’:

  • Thank you so much for the mini course! It’s been a wonderful experience and I feel I learned a great deal in a short time. Anne D.

  • Thank you Barbara for allowing us all to access this exceptional course! I’ve been working on these a little slower with my 9 year old daughter. We have both enjoyed and have had interesting conversations about these. L.C.
  • Thank you, it has been fantastic. Tracy W.
  • Thank you for your passion and compassion; a guiding light for us all. Aileen
  • Thank u for your excellent ideas and perspectives to explore these interesting and important themes! Saya
  • This mini course was just a wonderful thing – Thank you from my heart in helping me get through a very difficult time in my life M.D.
  • I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to experience your teachings and generosity. Blessings. Carolynn
  • This is the first time experimenting with water colours and I rather enjoyed it. I can’t thank you enough for letting me share in this wonderful class. I believe it let me get some things out to share which I haven’t done before. Judy C.
  • I really had a great time these two weeks training my creativity muscles and going through this process mindfully. Alexandra

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