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Is Your Counseling, Therapy or Coaching Business Straggling Behind (or Struggling) Because The Frustration of Where To Find Clients Feels Overwhelming?

Take yourself back to when you first started your business. Remember the dreams? The hopes? The vision you had for making a difference? The idea that you could help people live healthier lives that would support their relationships, career and well being? Hopeful memories. Exciting moments planning each step.

Dreams are important - they sustain us during tough times, yet without up-to-date knowledge on how to define what you do so you reach the right clients it can feel as if you're marching on the spot - sweating the small stuff so to speak. There comes a time in all businesses where taking a pause and looking at what you're doing and what could multiply your efforts no longer makes sense - it's imperative!!

You may be at this cross-road now, wondering which way to go.

You know you need clients to get your business going and build momentum - yet you may be feeling it's near impossible to attract people who want your services.

You're not alone in feeling like this.

  • So many coaches, therapists, counselors and creative people use the 'build-it-and-they-will-come' approach to marketing, and if that doesn't work (which it usually doesn't) apply the next best thing - 'hope marketing', which is doomed from the start because there are no clear strategies or processes in place that leverage modern marketing tools.

No one wants to invest tens-of-thousands in their profession only to find that attracting clients needs a whole different mindset and skill set altogether. Yet the fact is the skills that got you to this place aren't the ones you'll need to create a viable, let alone a thriving business.

Learning how to promote yourself and your skills in an ethical way that feels right means discovering your 'voice' - one that shares your passion and the value you offer your clients. Doing this means you can connect with people more easily and build trust quickly in how you'll work together.

Many who begin a business feel frustrated and wonder where their client base will magically appear from. In the interim they accept low-paid work with insurance plans or local organisations hoping that something will change.

Are You Playing Small And Safe?

When things get tough and you wonder what to do, there can be a niggling feeling that may sound like this:

'Is it just me - maybe I'm not good enough - perhaps if I did another professional course then my skills would be better and I'd attract more clients".

Or this:

'Maybe I'm too old. Will anyone take me seriously?'

Or this:

'Who am I to do this? What will my family, friends or colleagues think?'

Or, more succintly this:

'Have I got what it takes to get out there?'

Yes, this is the mindset of 'limiting beliefs'. It's faulty thinking. You know these statements are not true, even though a battle feels like it's playing out between your reptilian brain, which wants you to play it safe (and play small), and your modern brain that logically says you've got everything you need to succeed.

Let me share a truth with you.

While your logical brain and reptilian one fight the unwinnable battle you'll remain stuck.

Why? Because deep down you know you've got to do this. It's like running half a race and giving up. And that's not you. You're here to get your message out there in an authentic way that's right for you. So creating a sustainable business and promoting it needs an 'ethical touch' - a proven and practical way of reaching people who are interested in what you offer.

All of this can feel quite daunting as so many movable parts need to align and be in-sync.

It's a long learn if you have to start from scratch. And it's the reason I'm a therapist-coach and help people build their business.

Because few know I was a marketer and copywriter before becoming a therapist-coach. This work saw me in a diverse range of industries from construction and small-to-medium-sized businesses right through to education. The reason I do what I do now is because most of my time was spent working with leadership teams on strategy - yet I felt more and more that the real work was focusing on their mindset to move past 'blocks' that were holding them back.

  • What came next was an exit from 'strategic planning' - and an entry to the world of 'personal & professional development'.

The learning I gained running a corporate-style business was invaluable to what I do today.

What I also know is that while some core elements of marketing have remained the same - soooo much has changed, particularly online marketing which is my specialty.

I have studied under many of the key players in this industry - learnt from the best and this is what I want to bring to you. I want to share the knowledge with you so that you have a successful business.


Modern Marketing Psychology Is About Aligning With Your Client's Perspective

Many working in the helping profession believe attracting clients is about 'showing prospective clients your qualifications, describing what you do and then believing the potential client will make the link between what you do and what they need'.

Unfortunately 'clinical speak' isn't very engaging - although it may look impressive to you and your colleagues - this is not the point - it won't attract clients.

If this is what you've been doing, then this is one key reason why you may not be connecting authentically with people who need you.

If you're wondering what you could be doing instead, below are a handful of proven tools that you could be using:

  • 'Pre-framing' potential clients so they are more receptive to you
  • Having clients know, like and trust you so they desire to work with you
  • Taking clients through a sequence of 'touch points' (between 7 and 9 different contact moments) to building 'know-like-trust'
  • Using linguistic triggers, depending on a person's preferred communication style, so you can build effective rapport
  • Connecting emotionally means creating a meta-awareness around 'the gap' existing between where a prospective client is and where they want to be
  • Developing 'systems & processes' - i.e. taking what you do and creating a 5-step-style program engenders confidence in the process you use with clients
  • 'Future Pacing' your client to 'see' how they prefer to be so the focus is on potential and possibility

Now all of that is well and good - however ... it doesn't address the process a client needs to move from an inquiry to working with you.

So what does this involve?

This is where the Practical Psychology Behind Business Marketing comes in.

And for this you're looking at:

  • How to discover a potential client's real motivation for change so as you can speak directly and clearly to the problem not the perception
  • Why developing contact sequences through email sequences, along with specific 'funnels', can guide your potential clients' buying decisions so as the process becomes natural and easy
  • How to craft outstanding 'copy' (these are the words someone reads on a brochure, advertisement or a website) so potential clients feels as if you're talking to them personally
  • How to engage a potential client's emotional brain so they feel confident that you understand their needs and can solve their problem
  • How to become an 'authority' in your field - while this may sound scary, it's all about drilling into your 'niche' to attract 'ideal clients' so your particular skills and the packages you've created to relieve their problem will speak of success
  • Why offering value up-front to a potential client is a must in building trust and rapport
  • Why your website is not about you - it's about your potential client's problem and the way they can solve it with your assistance.
  • How to develop a relationship with those who visit your website which is then nurtured - rather than have a look-and-leave philosophy

Putting this together can literally cost thousands - either by hiring someone to do it for you - or by taking courses and learning to do this yourself, which could take years. (It did for me.)

What If You're Saying: "I Don't Have Time ... How Can I Get This Knowledge, Apply It & See Clients? Is It Possible?

I've done things the hard way in the past and worked long hours, re-invented many wheels and made gazillions of mistakes - yet I've never given up.

Time can either be eaten-up or leveraged by starting with an initial and intense focus that pays dividends. It's the difference between 'trying' hard to make a change and actually 'doing it'.

Let me explain:

Some of my first 'report cards' when I was at school said things like 'Barbara tries hard.' I was the youngest in the swim squad to do a 50m length of the pool - also the one who took the longest to do it as my mother snail-stepped beside me to make sure I didn't drown. I didn't. I did go on to be a pretty ok butterfly swimmer winning a few cups and medals (age 7 ... does this still count??) before I decided I didn't like early morning starts, afternoon training sessions, swim-meets at strange pools, a coach who yelled a lot and c-c-c-cold water. Comfort has always been high on my must-have list :)

That's me below at age 7 - yes, a black-and-white photo - it was quite a few decades ago!!!

The point I'm making is that being someone who 'tries hard' isn't the same as someone who sticks with it. Was I a natural swimmer? No. I was just plain determined. And it's the same with anything I learn or take on.

My motto is:

'You only fail if you give up - so never give up'.

So while determination is one thing - having a system to do things makes it m-u-c-h easier, because while I try hard and am determined - it's taken me years to feel on-top because it's taken years to put logical systems in place.

I say this to encourage you and to make your path easier. Learn from my mistakes and the tens of thousands of dollars (Well over $100,000) I've invested in finding out the most effective ways to market effectively. While the figure I've invested is a big sum, every cent has returned to me - education really is worth its investment.

What I'm saying is that I don't want you to have to do this loooong-haul approach of recreating the wheel - it's expensive, frustrating and downright soul destroying.

That's why I'm inviting you to join me for a 90-day program that is focused on helping you achieve measurable results. In it you will dive into promoting your business ethically, leveraging the psychology of marketing your business using systems and getting real results that put you where you want to be.

The program offers you a personalised 90-day focus (from August to November 2017) so you and your business gain traction as you move towards building a thriving practice you're proud of.

Growing a business by yourself is lonely. It can be frustrating not knowing who to ask for feedback or knowing if you're on the right track (or not).

That's why this program is all about giving you the skills AND having a mentor/coach you can call on for assistance as needed.

If you choose either the Growth Package or the Mastery Package you'll have me personally watching over your shoulder (virtually) to help you with:


1. Your Focus

  • Goals, outcomes and the specific focus you'll set for each month (or fortnight) depending on the package you purchase (Growth = 3 individual sessions, Mastery = 6 individual sessions)
  • Minimising distraction, overwhelm, procrastination and perfectionism that slows new business owners down from doing the right things needed to create a viable business
  • Spending your valuable time doing the essential things that make a difference - not being busy for the sake of it.

2. Your Mindset

  • Shifting blocks around making money or (heaven forbid ...) asking people to buy from you
  • Overcoming fear around self-promotion
  • Discovering your authentic voice
  • Stepping into your 'authority' with confidence

3. Your Business Logistics

  • Resolving unappealing website layouts that may be turning potential clients off
  • Identifying the right niche for your skill set AND aligning it with the right business model
  • Re-aligning marketing strategies that aren't gaining traction with your target audience (blogging, social media, email marketing)
  • Using advertising tools more effectively (Facebook ads, landing pages, sales pages)

As well as having me as a mentor/coach you'll also receive an online program that gives you the skills around:

  • How to build a strong foundation that establishes your 'why' and helps you focus on what you want to achieve
  • Refining your business model
  • How to create lead magnets (free e-book, course etc) and landing pages (the page where potential clients will come)
  • The psychology behind designing a landing page that 'converts' (ie web visitors leave their email address to receive the free offer) and using this to build a strong platform for yourself
  • How to leverage the principles of marketing psychology in your business so you know what you're doing and why you're doing it rather than 'hoping' that it goes well
  • The insider tips on being a successful copywriter - so that when your write - whether it be a blog post, an email sequence or an e-book subscribers who open your message will read it and take action
  • How to create 'content' (what you produce from your successful copy writing) and then leverage it to attract the right audiences.
  • How to find your ideal client that's based on the avatar you've described to perfection.
  • How to build a business with recurring revenue through creating courses.
  • How to promote your business using webinars

Below are the course modules you'll receive in addition to working working with me:

Module 1: Creating Solid Foundations

This is all about Planning, Preparing & Implementing and involves:

  • By completing this module you will have mapped your business model, identified and researched your target audience, developed your brand identity and created a 'free gift' to offer potential clients.
  • Week 1: Establishing your business model
  • Week 2: Using deep research tools to analyse competitors, using 'key words/phrases' to position your business strategically
  • Week 3: Practical branding tools and strategies
  • Week 4: Building a 'landing page' and creating a free gift to offer web visitors.

Module 2: The insider secrets of writing 'copy' to build your authentic voice and create engagement,with potential clients

By completing this module you will have built a professional sales page, crafted an email sequence that leads prospects to becoming clients and incorporated core brand messages into your website and articles/blogs

  • Week 1: How to create an ethical sales page that turns browsers into buyers
  • Week 2: Developing an automated email marketing campaign
  • Week 3: How to use 'story loops' in copy writing to engage potential clients
  • Week 4: Putting it all together

Module 3: How to create your signature course that positions you as an expert and leverages your authority

By completing this module you will have created an e-product to complement your professional work. This helps position yourself as an authority (much as writing a book does), yet offers clients a more tangible resource to use that can both complement and amplify a client's outcome.

  • Week 1: How to validate your course idea
  • Week 2: Building a framework for your course
  • Week 3: How to develop content with easy-to-use tools
  • Week 4: Discovering your voice


BONUS 1: How to get your blog noticed (Value: $197)

  • Resources (pdf's and videos) around how to leverage your online presence and authority in your niche including how to make money with your blog, blog traffic for beginners, and how to manage your time around outsourcing.

BONUS 2: How To Promote Your Practice & Course Using Webinars / Master Classes / Online Workshops (valued ($497)

This module shows you how to use your knowledge in an engaging way using online tools that help you naturally position your services and/or course to your target audience.

You'll discover:

  • How to put a slide deck together based on marketing psychology
  • How to pitch your product naturally and ethically
  • How to promote your webinar using current tools and engagement strategies

BONUS 3: How to leverage paid advertising - Facebook ads (Value: $497) - a simple-to-follow process

  • This is an ever-changing feast.
  • You'll receive strategies to set a budget, target your audience and make sure you keep your costs low with key words. This involves how to set up Facebook ads and will particularly use a strategy related to blogging and webinars to promote popular content (blog articles) which leads to selling a course you're designing in the main program.

BONUS 4: Productivity Mastery (aka Accountability 101) - Value: $1,500 (with the full package)

  • This involves having 2 x monthly personal 1:1s with Barbara Grace to establish your strategic focus so your business remains on track (a total of 6 personal sessions)
  • Each session will be a minimum of 60 minutes - and packed with practical actionable steps, insights and encouragement.



Below is a summary of the Modern Psychology Marketing modules.

These modules complement the mentoring/coaching you'll receive. While I understand that budget can be a constraint in building a business, having a mentor/coach with whom you can talk and share experiences cannot be underestimated.

The Start-Up phase has no personal mentoring if you believe you can go it alone and just want the information, then this program is for you.

If however you know the value in having someone on your side as a guide who can help you keep the rudder focused on the direction you've set, then choose either the Growth or the Mastery package.

Check out all the nitty-gritty inclusions below and enroll. Imagine where your business could be by the end of this year by saying 'yes' and giving yourself the best chance of succeeding.

If you choose either the Growth or Mastery packages you'll be working personally with me on:

1. Your Focus

  • Goals, outcomes and the specific focus you'll set for each month (or fortnight) depending on the package you purchase (Growth = 3 individual sessions, Mastery = 6 individual sessions)
  • Minimising distraction, overwhelm, procrastination and perfectionism that slows new business owners down from doing the right things needed to create a viable business
  • Spending your valuable time doing the essential things that make a difference - not being busy for the sake of it.

2.Your Mindset

  • Shifting blocks around making money, asking people to buy from you,
  • Overcoming fear around self-promotion
  • Discovering your authentic voice.

3. Your Business Logistics

  • Resolving unappealing website layouts that may be turning potential clients off
  • Identifying the right niche for your skill set
  • Re-aligning marketing strategies that aren't gaining traction with your target audience (blogging, social media, email marketing)
  • Using advertising tools more effectively (Facebook ads, landing pages, sales pages)

If you can see yourself building the business you deserve, you can choose one of the packages below that suits your level of business and investment to get started today:

Start-Up Phase: (Save with a full payment of US$249 OR 3 x monthly payments of US$97)

The Start-Up Package is for you if you're at the beginning of your journey and want to 'dabble' at the edges while you learn more about marketing. You'll receive all of the modules plus access to our Facebook community.

Growth Phase: (Save with a full payment of US$849 OR choose 6 x monthly payments of US$149)

The Growth Package is for you if you are starting a business and have the desire to get your message out to the right audience in a smart way. Ideally suited for anyone who wants to get results and is ready to stretch. This package comes with a monthly 1:1 personal video-call with Barbara Grace (3 in total that you can use over a 6-month period) to review where you're up to, deep-dive into your strategy, focus on your action steps, review your copy and set goals for the upcoming month.

Mastery Phase: (Save with a full payment of US$1,349 OR choose 6 x monthly payments of US$249)The Mastery Package is for you if your business is up and running and you want to leverage your efforts with the maximum support of 2 monthly 1:1's with Barbara Grace (6 in total that you can use over a 12-month period) along with the additional resources designed to leverage your knowledge and keep you ultra-focused on your results.

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I'll be with you at every stage of your journey offering step-by-step guidance as we grow your business together.

On a personal note, I know the value of having a mentor who can not only offer you guidance - but show you the steps, the systems and the structure that will turn your business into a pleasure not a back-breaking chore.

Professionally I've worked with businesses turning over in excess of $50 million annually using strategic planning tools, business modelling processes and leadership team development. I've studied business marketing, leadership, public relations and professional communication (MA, MEd) and traveled the world to learn from the best in their field. Let me share this information with you and help you build your practice into a successful business.

I invite you to enrol today and together let's create the change you want to see in your business because you took the right road.

Barbara Grace

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